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Two of our long-time partners, Ben & Jerry's and Phish have been collaborating for years to protect Lake Champlain. Check out this inspiring short film for the full story.

We were asked to create an identity for a crisp and light IPA brewed with only Citra hops, a beer perfect for exploring the mountains of Vermont. This is Conehead. Ask for it at your local, and learn more about Zero Gravity here.

NCAA Duke Lacrosse Print Ad

To help Warrior commemorate Duke's back-to-back NCAA Championships, we designed this print ad to appear in  the July 2014 issue of Inside Lacrosse magazine. 



With the running of this year's 118th Boston Marathon, we're all looking forward to seeing athletes take back the finish line and celebrate the spirit - and strength - of sport in a great American city.

Our Select Sessions music series is back with an all-star performance of Led Zeppelin's 'IV' on Thursday night, April 3rd. Always a sell-out, so grab tickets here. It's a one-time performance that can only happen in a city like Burlington.

We recently developed the identity for Green State Lager, a pilsner from our friends at Zero Gravity Craft Brewery. There's much more to come - tall boys anyone? - but read about the brewery here and make sure to ask for it at your local.

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