Activate your big brand ideas.

brandhubTM is a comprehensive and configurable platform that streamlines how your Field Sales Team activates your brand at Retail. brandhubTM provides you with real-time visibility into the things you need to know — budgets, inventory, order tracking and more. Activating those big brand ideas…made simpler.

Activate your big brand ideas.

Build brand equity with consistency across every channel.

Improve campaign results with better sales tools, clear information and easy workflows. Eliminate campaign rollout chaos and align Brand Strategy with Field Activation.

  • Communicate context and give field teams the tools they need to sell-in your campaigns
  • Scale efficiently with intuitive workflows
  • Delivery and deployment verification
  • Forecast for future campaigns
Build brand equity.

End-to-end marketing activation management.

Your brand has unique business requirements and a complex marketing ecosystem supporting it. brandhubTM helps align all the players to support the rollout of your campaigns.

  • brandhubTM is a centralized hub for communications and orders
  • Track in real time as programs deploy
  • Align your marketing vendors and 3PL partners to optimize delivery
  • Reporting on everything you need to know
End to end Marketing.

Marketing made better by brand people.

brandhubTM is powered by Select, with over 30 years of go to market activation expertise. You can configure aspects of thebrandhubTM platform on your own, but you always have Select as an extension of your team. Count on a trusted partner to ensure your ideas are delivered on time & on budget.

  • Creative Design
  • Custom Product Development
  • POP/POS Display
  • Global Sourcing
  • Logistics
Marketing made better by brand people.

Modern. Efficient. Software.

It shouldn’t be difficult to get people started and get them invested—use tech to simplify marketing activations for your team.

  • Easily adopted brandhubTM Brand HQ and Field Interfaces
  • Intuitive navigation for seamless creation of new campaigns
  • Control is in your hands with self-service administrative panels
  • Keep everyone informed on progress as programs deploy
Modern. Efficient. Software.

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