brandhub orchestrates all the players in your marketing ecosystem for maximum impact. Seamlessly create and deploy new campaigns while eliminating inefficiencies. Learn more about brandhub solutions.

Solutions by Role

Solutions for
Marketing Professionals

Having difficulty aligning marketing objectives with the sales team?

Centralize communication. 

Communicate context and give field teams the tools they need to sell-in campaigns.

  • Clear marketing priorities
  • Approved POS materials
  • Alignment with sales
  • Track campaign rollout in real-time
  • Reduced rogue brand behavior
  • Forecast for future campaigns
  • Export or import address lists
  • Save time with delivery and deployment verification

Solutions for
Sales Professionals

Do administrative duties prevent you from spending time selling?

Simplify the process. 

brandhub centralizes and streamlines your processes giving sales more time to sell.

  • Brand approved sell sheets
  • Real-time POS Tracking
  • Wholesaler POS ship-to notifications
  • Real-time budget reports
  • Maintain contact book
  • Mobile access
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Reduced administrative duties

Solutions for
Finance Professionals

Need visibility into every dollar spent on point of sale materials?

Get clear insights.

Data on brandhub is captured in clear reports enabling you to manage inventory, analyze success of campaigns, and verify that marketing spend is being used effectively.

  • Analytics dashboard
  • Custom itemized reports
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Economies of scale
  • Spend visibility
  • Wholesaler participation
  • Turnkey bill backs
  • Reduced system fatigue

Problems solved

brandhub is an intuitive go-to-market platform that’s efficient and makes it easy to manage the countless details of successful campaign deployment.

Highly manual processes

Centralized communication

Important details in too many places? We call this spreadsheet mayhem. brandhub saves your team valuable time with centralized communication.

Rogue brand behavior

Single source of truth

Ensure that retail execution happens as drawn up with a single source of truth. brandhub aligns brand strategy with field activation to help you maintain brand equity.

Lack of visibility

Robust reporting

Verify that marketing spend is being used effectively with clear, real-time reports and built-in analytics dashboard. Reports include: inventory, inventory velocity, budget summary, order history, and more.

Arbitrary spend

Effective spend

brandhub makes communication straightforward so campaigns are understood and sold in. Improving success of promotions enables brands to keep things consistent and benefit from economies of scale.

Inventory waste

Real-time order tracking

brandhub helps you stay informed and streamline deployment with a clear understanding of inventory velocity and order tracking. Minimize waste by condensing warehouse use and implementing preorders.

Undersold programs

Respond to momentum

brandhub provides immediate visibility into POS that is resonating with accounts. Our analytics dashboard acts as an early warning system allowing brands to act in real-time to respond to momentum.

Lack of continuity

Remain cohesive

Your brand needs a front end solution that will continue to evolve overtime and won’t become outdated. brandhub was designed for extensibility to help brands stay cohesive as they scale.

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