This ground-breaking partnership between VIP and brandhub means that for the first time, brands will be able to verify the specific account where retail promotions were executed, verify all elements of the promotion, and measure sales results to give brands a full 360 degree view of their retail promotions.

The power of VIP x brandhub allows brands the unprecedented ability to:

  • Verify promotion execution in specific accounts
  • Confirm the correct products are in stock and available
  • Provide accurate pricing
  • Optimize in-store placement
  • And most importantly, determine sales lift with account-specific week-over-week depletion metrics

All resulting in Better Brand Impact.

Retail Execution


brandhub powers retail promotions by enabling sales to order trade assets, manage marketing suppliers, and produce/deliver those assets to market.


brandhub beacons allow sales and marketing to see where key trade assets were executed at specific retail accounts all at-a-glance.

Beacon Technology

Using bluetooth low energy beacons, combined with VIP’s mobile software, brandhub enables trade marketers to track trade assets and actually see which retailers are executing promotions with tremendous accuracy.

By piggybacking our beacon detection software within VIP’s mobile software, beaconed trade assets can be located without users having to do anything.

1. Beacons applied to key assets

2. Beacons are detected in field with brandhub software, embedded in VIP’s mobile app

3. Assets located at specific retailers and data can be used to measure and improve: distributor performance, sales lift

Data & Analytics


VIP’s CCM (Chain Call Management) ensures that the correct product is available and priced correctly at chain accounts.


VIP’s iDig systems provides integral data for sales teams to review and plan more impactful initiatives and make any necessary corrections in real time.

Work Streams

For the first time, brandhub and VIP’s CCM (Chain Call Management) and iDig Suite gives marketing and sales the ability to view the program holistically for sales, marketing, and teams to track the assets and the resulting sales.