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As Keurig was preparing to introduce a product portfolio based on its new “grid design language,” the brand saw an opportunity to expand its universe to new consumers and customers.

Keurig partnered with Select to develop and activate new market strategies for its Away-From-Home business unit—which includes workplace, hospitality, convenience store, universities, healthcare and more. One business unit, but with very distinct stakeholders and enterprise objectives—a “one-size-fits-all” approach to brand marketing would not get it done. Select helped Keurig strike a balance between a globally consistent brand presence and hyper-targeted, opportunity-specific activation.

Beyond The Comforts of Home

With the development of its new K-Suite™ brewer, Keurig saw an opportunity to penetrate the luxury and premium hotel space. The brand engaged Select in a market analysis (above), which included studying the competitive set, examining consumer expectations, mapping the personas and needs of buyers and gatekeepers at target hotel properties, as well as interviewing members of the Sales team to understand their priorities. From these inputs, we developed a set of recommendations around market opportunities, art direction, messaging and copy, as well as relevant sales tools.

We started with a photography shoot, providing assets that could establish this new, elegant and elevated sense of “luxurious convenience and customization.” The assets would serve as the foundation for digital and print collateral. We then developed video content to bring the product’s features and benefits to life.

We also examined how the Sales team was bringing this story to life at every touchpoint. We created a custom demo kit that could match the visual brand promise.

The response was immediate—subverting the expectations of luxury hotel buyers, generating enthusiasm, and fueling buy-in among sales and field reps.