Global Refresh

Fixture Design
Graphic Design

Saucony was looking to deliver a global refresh of their in-store fixture systems by creating an impactful and scalable experience. Designed, engineered, and produced by Select, this fully custom, modular fixture system was made available for pre-order on Select’s brandhub platform.

Select developed an adaptable shop-in-shop suite of display elements for Saucony’s key retailers.

The brandhub streamlined pre-order process allowed Saucony teams to deliver their brand experience to global retailers with ease. 

Fixture Flexibility

The easily configurable components can be arranged in a variety of ways allowing flexibility for different retail footprints and applications while maintaining brand equity.

Interchangeable Elements

Evergreen display can be used across product lines with interchangeable elements such as magnetic graphic panels and printed overlays enabling retailers to create a customized showcase for specific collections or products.

A dashboard view of different reports available on brandhub

Global Efficiency

Saucony’s global partners from over 30 countries pre-ordered display components through Select’s retail marketing platform, brandhub, improving production efficiencies and economies of scale. Centralized communication streamlines deployment.