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Each year, Americans spend over $60B on pet products and dogs are by far the most popular. The Dogist is a quickly emerging, social-media-first brand powered by perfectly curated, internet famous pups with 3.2M Instagram followers.

Select was tasked with leading product strategy to create new ways to connect with the brand and expand revenue. Each season we design, merchandise and develop new product extensions that have boosted business, while carefully protecting brand equities. To complete the vertically integrated solution, Select hosts The Dogist consumer ecommerce shop and manages all logistics and fulfillment.

Man’s Best Friend

The Dogist was created in 2013 by Elias Weiss Friedman, whose goal was to create a happy place on the internet for dog lovers. Elias has since photographed over 30,000 dogs across the world, authored a NYT Bestselling book, and gathered an audience of over 3.5 million people on social platforms. It’s an amazing story of striking a chord in the digital space and turning that enthusiasm into a lifestyle brand, and Select was proud to be a partner in that journey.

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