Orin Swift display featuring 3 frames images. Teal background with display illustrations.

Getting Displays Right

Getting POP Displays Right

Retail displays offer an incredible opportunity for a brand to come to life in the retail environment. However, activation often falls short in the field. Why? Probably because it was too complicated to assemble, wasn’t easy to modify, or maybe the display just wasn’t that interesting for consumers. Here’s how we think about it.

In our 30 years of creating go-to-market impact, Select has designed and built retail displays for some of the world’s best brands. We’ve also developed brandhub, a platform that enables you to align brand strategy with field activation. Our expertise has shaped our POV and process regarding retail displays. Exceptional creative and quality construction are table stakes, but not enough to ensure success. We consider the full journey, from trade marketing and feasibility to consumer interaction.


Quick Assembly

A beautiful and well-constructed display that consumers never see is useless. Data suggests — and our three decades of brand partnership confirms — more than half of retail displays spend their lives collecting dust in the distributors warehouse.

Whether it falls to your Field Sales team or your retail partners, retail displays need to be assembled. Our designs focus on simple, intuitive and quick assembly.



Designing modular retail displays allow brands to flex to the specific retail environment, creating greater confidence for sell-in. Modular elements also allow brands to extend the relevance of a display across multiple campaigns. 

Building in flexibility for customization helps to bolster brand cohesiveness in the field. Preplanning for different use cases enables the brand to be in control of deployment iterations.



There are countless brands vying for consumer attention in the retail space. Thoughtful design featuring eye catching details and elements that encourage consumer interaction will make your retail displays stand out from the crowd.

On paper, you can design anything. Having the knowhow to physically bring the piece to life is another ballgame. Taking a design from concept to deployment is where Select’s expertise comes into play.

Utilizing an alternate material to reduce bulk and create a budget friendly display, adding a motion activated element, incorporating lighting, or developing a novel way to construct a piece can elevate the impact your brand has at retail.


Align Brand Strategy with Field Activation

brandhub is a comprehensive and configurable platform that streamlines how your retail displays and campaigns activate in the retail environment. brandhub provides you with real-time visibility on promotional rollouts, budgets, inventory management and deployment. Stay on top of it all, all in one place.