Select is 75 people strong and growing across our headquarters in Burlington, our Shanghai office and our regional client service US locations.

Our people are our most valuable asset. We are designers, product geeks, entrepreneurs, artists, skiers, cyclists, builders, songwriters, rock-climbers, right-brain and left-brain thinkers. We’re an incredibly diverse team united in the commitment to always deliver world class outcomes for our brand partners.


Our circa 1915 building was originally home to a chocolate factory. Today it’s a creative hive with many modern elements; the heritage preserved and celebrated.

We are stewards of this timeless gem in the heart of a magical city by a lake. Like the chocolate makers and ski makers who were fortunate to call this place home before us, this is where we gather to think, design, and make.

We’re part of it, and it’s part of us.


Being responsible and innovative are two of our core values. We seek to minimize our impact and that of our brand partners at every opportunity. We strive to find sustainable product and packaging solutions whenever possible.

  • 150kW Solar Array on our building
  • LEED Certified Headquarters
  • 100% of electrical needs at HQ are solar powered
  • Governor’s Innovation Award 2017
  • HQ is a repurposed 100 yr old warehouse
  • Use 100% Non-Phthalate Inks
  • Annually recycle 156,000 pounds of cardboard
  • 3-Step Supplier Validation: raw materials, sustainability and work conditions