Silver Chefs on the Line logo on a dark blue background

Building Trust

General Mills was looking to reinvent the identity and purpose of their corporate culinary team known as the Chefs of the Mills by creating a campaign that makes the chefs accessible to operators when they have questions and have to pivot on the fly.

Back-of-house life is challenging and constantly changing, the Chefs of the Mills get it, they have been there, done that, and we intend to prove that to operators with a new video series, Chefs on the Line. In this campaign, the chefs are endearing and relatable as they are presented with a challenge that they must solve; just like operators face day in and day out in their businesses.

The Chefs on the Line series is the foundation of a multi-year campaign, supported by a multi-faceted PR campaign, videos, web, articles, and emails, that both educate and entertain operators. The chefs are seen as accessible resources that truly understand operators ever-changing back-of-house needs.

Check out the series.