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Often considered the best grills money can buy, Traeger is the go-to brand when it comes to pellet grills and smokers. They’ve been around since the 1980s and continue to be a prominent innovator in the age-old outdoor cooking industry.

Traeger’s existing user base is hyper-passionate and social media is abuzz with shared food experiences. In order to increase awareness and protect brand consistency in the market, Traeger needed impactful point-of-sale displays.

When Traeger was looking to increase their brand presence in the retail environment and find a scalable fixture solution for a range of retail footprints, they turned to Select.

Modularity is Key

Select provided modular fixture solutions which allowed for nimble flexibility for key visuals, and solutions for any retail size. We designed and developed Traeger’s new modular retail fixture system to ship flat, setup quickly and offer interchangeable graphic panels.

Protecting Brand Integrity

Select provided floor plans and best practices for merchandising within this new framework, so Traeger has increased control and visibility over their presence in domestic and international retail environments. Our go-to-market platform, brandhub, allows 150 Traeger team members in 26 countries to access and order POS assets while providing brand HQ with forecasting and line reporting.

Buzzworthy Engagement

Not only does Select produce and streamline retail display fixtures for Traeger, but our team also helps to create consumer engagement activations for the brand. Introducing: Meat Sweats. Leveraging Traeger grilling subculture and passionate brand enthusiasm, Select produced a custom high-end, but tactical, viral fashion moment.