Gaining Traction

Competitive Market Research & Analysis
Go-To-Market Strategy
POS Display
Custom Product & Apparel
Event Activation
B2B eComm
Logistics & Fulfillment

Historically, the Finnish brand had limited brand awareness and retail distribution in North America. To drive visibility and market share in US and Canada, Nokian turned to Select to educate dealers, wholesalers and consumers about the brand’s award-winning winter and all-season product lineup.

Select brought Nokian onto our custom go-to-market platform, brandhub, connecting Nokian brand HQ seamlessly to its sales and distribution network, helping to coordinate co-op spend with customers (tire retailers) and manage logistics and distribution.

Event Activation

To drive meaningful engagement—memorable interactions with existing and prospective customers—Select created custom event materials, competitive (and educational) games and giveaways.

Interactive Displays

An important component in the omni-channel activation was in creating greater awareness and advocacy among the “gatekeepers,” dealer retail sales associates. Select developed interactive displays to clearly differentiate from the competitive set and create intuitive and memorable in-store storytelling.

Nokian Event Map Booklet

Beyond dealer recommendations, Select helped Nokian establish connection points everywhere the tire-buying decision is influenced, including live events. We worked with the brand to bring its event schedule and positioning to life.


Corporate Social Responsibility is a critical element of Nokian’s brand promise. Select curated and developed custom product and event elements that reinforced its commitment to safety and sustainability innovations and branded apparel, with a primary focus on educating and empowering retail sales associates.

Worthy of the Wordmark

Select designed and produced custom product and apparel to be highly relevant to core consumers, Nokian field reps and dealer sales associates.