Family wearing matching Pizza Hut Christmas pajamas next to their decorated Christmas tree

Holiday Merch Drop

Pizza Hut launched their Holiday Hut Shop merchandise line aimed at bringing The Hut to your home for the holiday season with a collection of Pizza Hut and Holiday themed merchandise designed and created by Select. This is Select’s second merch drop for 2021 with the iconic brand. We previously partnered with Pizza Hut over the summer on their Tastewear collection, a custom merchandise line embodying contemporary streetwear trends while leveraging brand equity.

Why a merch drop? Well-timed promotional campaigns can make a brand go viral. Tapping into the existing fan base, a brand can generate hype on social media and create a legion of collectors that are eagerly on the lookout for the next drop. Further, buzzworthy activations attract new audiences and extend a brand’s reach.

Items from the Tastewear merch drop started to sell out in the first 24 hours. Within the first few days of the drop, Tastewear merchandise had 150 placements and 994 million impressions across online, broadcast and social media.

Select developed strategy, sourced items, produced apparel and built the retail website. We streamlined logistics, fulfillment & reporting through our go-to-market brandhub platform.

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