two runners wearing saucony clothing and sneakers

Saucony Joins brandhub

As Saucony prepares for its 2022 retail launch, the brand has joined Select’s retail marketing execution platform, brandhub. 

With over 30 years of experience in retail marketing execution, Select developed brandhub to help brands execute their marketing strategies in a streamlined way with better consistency, visibility, and reporting. In addition to ensuring efficacy of promotions—the system saves brands time on process and money on marketing materials. 

To launch their 2022 Global Retail Strategy, Saucony needed a platform built with enterprise adoption in mind. brandhub was designed to be incredibly easy for all users to use and get their work done. We made a commitment to making workflows intuitive, requiring minimal training.

We match the commitment we made in the UI with our service packages including an implementation manager to configure the platform to your brand, a live help desk for user support, and a dedicated program manager for ongoing support. 

Full control of brandhub is in the hands of the brand: user administration, product and program organization, as well as keeping budgets and territories updated.

  • 24/7 Self-Service Admin Panel 
  • Adjust territories, budgets, users, and products 
  • Generate reports to explore data

Learn more about brandhub and join our roster of world class brands.